The devil track 2019

Do you wanna test your body, mind and your biking skills, then sign up for this race event and experience the hardest race in 2019

The devil track 2019

The devil track is a 12 hour race, where you will test your body, mind and your biking skills.

About this activity?

The event is on November 16th.  This 12 hour race will test your body, mind and biking skills. The entre fees are 36 euros. There are 3 peaks in the mountain regional area, which is amazing and fun.
Location - The strat an finish line start at Mcdoweel openning area.
Parking - There are parking facilities near the Mcdoweel opening area. We recommend bikers to come 1- 1,5 hours before.

nov 16, 14:00
Devil track 2019
McDowell, AZ

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