When we founded HH Simonsen, we set ourselves an ambitious goal: To develop an assortment of professional electric appliances which follow the trends in the hairdresser trade and for an affordable price. It’s been quite a challenge because we demanded more than most of the functionality, durability and safety of our products. But we must admit that we are more than satisfied with the results we’ve achieved. And quite proud too.

Electric appliances sound so matter-of-fact when what we are talking about are the tools of creativity – whether it’s stylers, blow driers or clippers. We’ve created a line of products equipped with the newest technology which protects and cares for the hair – and unchains your creativity so you can create a topmost professional result for your customer. In 2018, the series has been expanded with more fantastic products. We can hardly wait to share them with you.

Just wait until you try our new exclusive True Divinity MK2 for instance – personally, we think it’s fantastic.

Our electric tools have a low energy use, easing both our environment, and your electrical bill.