Certificates and warranties

All of our scissors are high in quality and will last for many years, provided that they are handled correctly and serviced regularly. For service or repair work the scissors must be returned to HH Simonsen. If the scissors are serviced or repaired by any other company, the warranty will be voided.

All Excellent Edges™ scissors have a lifetime steel warranty (should the scissors break into two or should a tooth fall off, you will be offered a replacement). This warranty does not cover damages caused by normal wear and tear. Excellent Edges™’ extensive ’Quality Management’ system serves to guarantee that your scissors have been carefully tested before leaving the factory. If you are still not pleased with your product, please contact HH Simonsen with a description of the problem.

Please not that the warranty will be voided if:

  • The centre screw is not inspected every day.
  • The scissors have not been cleaned regularly.
  • The scissors are not oiled every day and only with camellia oil.
  • The scissors have been dropped.
  • Sharpening has been carried out by a company that’s not Excellent Edges™.
  • The scissors are corroded due to lack of cleaning or oiling.

During the first eight days of use, please remember to regulate the centre screw in order to ensure that the rubber ring between the steel and the centre screw adjusts to the steel. After service, always remember not to keep the pressure of your thumb too tight. If the centre screw is loose, or you press your thumb too hard, it can cause immediate damage to the blade.


All Excellent Edges™scissors come with a hand written certificate. This certificate is your guarantee that you have purchased an original Excellent Edges product. The certificate also gives you a detailed description of how to care for your scissors.