Let the party begin! These hair cuddles create a radiant look, and at the same time they hold the hair firmly in place in the most pleasant way. The cuddles are covered with high quality fabric, and their unique spiral shape distributes the pressure evenly on all hairs.

A pleasant feeling

With these cuddles, no one has to suffer for beauty. They are made in a fabric quality that is soft and comfortable. At the same time, they have the sufficient strength to ensure that the hair stays perfectly in place. This means that they can be worn all day long. And the night, too.

No unnecessary wear and tear

Some hair elastics damage the hair and cause headaches and leave “elastic marks”. These metallic hair cuddles don’t. Their unique spiral shape distributes the pressure evenly to all strands of hair so that the hair can move freely while it is retained. This reduces the risk of broken hair strands and other damaging effects on the hair. So no hesitations – just lots of radiance.

Cool features

  • Metallic glitter colors
  • Made of comfortable, high quality fabric
  • The unique spiral-shape reduces the pressure on the hair
  • No broken hair strands or other damaging effects on the hair