Perfect salon finish? Check! Fast and powerful drying? Check! Stunning detailing and luxurious design? Check! Our gorgeous and revolutionary Utopia Dryer is almost too good to be true. Powered by a unique brushless motor, it delivers more air pressure than traditional dryers, resulting in ultra- fast drying without compromising on conditioning. The dryer produces ion-enriched air, leaving hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free while protecting from heat damage. Weighing only 450g Utopia is easy to work with, and the ultra silent fan system makes for an extra comfortable blow-dry. Engineered for professionals, Utopia is solid and delivers ultimate comfort and control.

  • Up to 35% less noise than traditional dryers – Weight of only 450 g
  • Infrared technology for consistent heating – Unique ionic conditioning
  • Powerful 2300 watt brushless motor
  • Six heat and speed settings
  • Three metre pivot cord for full flexibility