Hot Brush

More than meets the eye

It may look like a normal hairbrush, but the Hot Brush is so much more than that. It is a straightening iron in disguise, which straightens your hair while you brush it. The revolutionary brush emits heat while combing, making hair smooth and shiny up to five times faster than a traditional straightening iron. Thanks to the soft and uniquely designed bristles, the brush gently massages your scalp during styling.

How to: Smooth and straight

Start by brushing your hair with a regular brush. Part hair into sections, and slowly run the styler through each section. Start at the scalp and move your way down toward the ends. Repeat on the rest of your hair, and welcome and smooth and shiny finish.

How to: Wavy volume

Start by brushing your hair with a regular brush, and part hair into sections. Take a section, place the styler underneath, lift upwards, and move the styler through the hair. Repeat on the rest of the sections.