Boss Limited Edition Shiny Black

Say hello to blow-drying like you’ve never tried it before. We’ve paired two of our best products in an exclusive limited edition set: The BOSS softstyler and the powerful BOSS hair dryer in an exclusive shiny black finish.

Pure power

BOSS is not your ordinary dryer. With its powerful 2000 watts’ AC motor and various heat and speed settings, it is both practical and super efficient. Thanks to the latest thermal ionic technology, BOSS emits ionic molecules, reducing drying time and leaving hair smoother. The dryer comes with a nozzle that makes it easy to control the air current, and the 3-metre cord gives you full flexibility during use. What’s not to like?

Perfect for long and thick hair

The Boss softstyler is the perfect choice for long, thick hair.  Thanks to a unique design with long, hard fingers, the air is evenly distributed from top to ends, making for a fast and effective blow-dry.