Anti Yellow Shampoo

Goodbye to yellow hair! HH Simonsen Anti-Yellow Shampoo is a protective and nourishing shampoo for everyone who has dyed blonde or grey/ice blonde hair, but suffers unwanted yellow tones in their hair. A perfect harmony of blue, violet and green pigments effectively eliminate yellow tones without  stressing the hair, while the shampoo also protects the hair’s ”real” color from the sun’s UV rays. Therefore, we don’t destroy the hair’s quality (see under  sun-damaged hair).

Most anti-yellow products focus solely on the color and can result in dry and lifeless hair, but we have prioritized nourishing ingredients like keratin, which reconstruct and strengthen the hair, and oils that restore the moisture levels and make your hair more flexible, shinier and healthier. All very needed, especially for hair that has been dyed, lightened or bleached.

  • Eliminates yellow tones
  • Contains hydrolyzed keratin and macadamia oil
  • Leaves hair uniform, healthy and protected from UV rays