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Styling Tools

Infinity Styler

Infinity Styler Silver

True Divinity MK2

True Divinity MK2 – Gold

True Divinity MK2 Stillwater

Envy Dryer

BOSS Blow dryer

BOSS Blow dryer glossy

BOSS Blow Dryer Silver

Utopia Hairdryer

Midi Dryer

Universal Diffuser

BOSS Softstyler

Signature Styler

Midi Styler

ROD VS1 – Spiral Curls

ROD VS1 – Spiral Curls – Gold

ROD VS2 – Madonna Curls

ROD VS2 – Madonna Curls – Gold


ROD VS3 – Curls – Gold

ROD VS3 – Curls Stillwater

Soft Curls

ROD VS4 – Soft Curls – Gold

Deep Waver


ROD VS6 – Crimper – Gold

ROD VS7 – Curling Iron

Woo Waver

ROD VS10 – Casual Curls

ROD VS10 – Casual Curls – Gold

ROD VS11 – Bouncy Waves

ROD VS11 – Bouncy Waves – Gold

Volume Hot Styler – 32Ø

Volume Hot Styler – 38Ø

GO MINI Pocket Straightner

Midi Waver

Midi Volume Iron

Fademaster Klippemaskine

Panasonic ER 1611 K

Panasonic ER-GB80-K

Panasonic ER-GP21-K


Emballage Boss Hair Dryer

Emballage True Divinity

Emballage Signature Styler

Emballage Utopia Føn

Emballage Infinity Styler


Shine Brush

Boar Brush

Blow Brush

The Wet Brush Paddle

Smooth Brush

The Wet Brush – Pink

The Wet Brush – Black

The Wet Brush – Træ

The Wet Brush – Silver

Flex Brush Dry

Turbo Brush

Turn Brush – Small

Turn Brush – Medium

Turn Brush – Large

Turn Brush – Extra Large

Turn Brush Flex – Extra Large

Turn Brush Flex – Medium

Volume Brush

Styling Brush

Baby Wet Brush – Blue

Baby Wet Brush – Pink

Baby Wet Brush – Træ







Excellent Edges Carbon Combs


Excellent Edges – TP Stingray

Excellent Edges – TP Marlin

Excellent Edges – TP Barracuda

Excellent Edges – TP Crocodile

Excellent Edges – Sword 10 Laminated

Excellent Edges – Sword 18 Laminated

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Stingray

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Barracuda

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Crocodile

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Marlin Big Mouth

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Cubic Marlin

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Cubic Crocodile

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Cubic Barracuda

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Cubic Wahoo

Excellent Edges – Fish Kit Cubic Stingray

Yamato Royal

Fuji Royal Blue

Fuji FGG The President

Hikari Cosmo Dragon

Excellent Edges – Mantaray

Excellent Edges – Glider GM

Excellent Edges – Glider Viper

Excellent Edges – Tomi PS

Edges – BR

Edges – Barber BC70

Edges – Hawk

Edges – BK

Edges – BM

Edges – BA5730

EEGO Saksesæt 5.5″

EEGO Saksesæt 5.7″

EEGO Saksesæt 5.8″

1st Edges – 5.3″

1st Edges – 5.5″

1st Edges – 5.8″

Saksemappe 4PCS

Saksemappe 16PCS


Saksebælte ægte læder

RUDE – The Bullet

Fish Kit Saksemappe



Hair Products

HH Simonsen

Styling oil

Brown Matte Wax

Blue Extreme Wax

Grey Mud Wax

Deco Powder

Heat Protection Spray

Hairspray – 250ml

Hairspray – 75ml


Curl Creme


Palco – Coloring Cream

Palco – Color Corrector 1

Palco – Color Corrector 2

Palco – Bleaching Powder

Palco Beise 10 vol. = 3%

Palco Beise 20 vol. = 6%

Palco Beise 30 vol. = 9%

Palco Beise 40 vol. = 12%

Marc Inbane

Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray 200ml

Marc Inbane Natural Tanning Spray 50ml

Marc Inbane Glove

Hair Cuddles

Hair Cuddles Brown

Hair Cuddles Light Blue

Hair Cuddles Black

Hair Cuddles Turquoise

Hair Cuddles Purple

Hair Cuddles Pink

Hair Cuddles Gold

XL Hair Cuddles Clear

XL Hair Cuddles Black

Textile Hair Cuddles Light Brown

Textile Hair Cuddles Brown

Textile Hair Cuddles Black

Textile Hair Cuddles Beige

Hair Clips

Crocodile Hair Stillwater

Crocodile Hair Clips Silver

Crocodile Hair Clips

Carbon Hair Clips

Saloon accessories

Water Spray

Aluminium Foil

Highlight Foil


RefectoCil Silicone Pads

RefectoCil Beise

RefectoCil Lash Paper Normal

RefectoCil Lash Paper Soft

RefectoCil Eyebrow Color

RefectoCil Sensitive Eyebrow Color

RefectoCil Developer Gel

RefectoCil Tintremover

RefectoCil Longlash Gel

RefectoCil Application Mini Set

RefectoCil Color Brushes Hard

RefectoCil Color Brushes Soft

Luxury Desktop Stand

Desktop Stand

Tripod Stand

Saddle Cutting Chair

Cutting Chair

Exercise Heads – Jane

Exercise Heads – Victoria

Exercise Heads – Michael

Adult Cover

Neck Brush

Nekeeze Neck Pillow

Neck Mirror Black

Cutting neck protector

Cutting neck protector silicone

Cutting neck protector leather

Feather Blade Knife Silver

Feather Blade Knife Pink

Feather Blade Knife

Feather Blade

Tondeo Knife

Tondeo Balde

Tondeo Knife Sifter

Tondeo Balde

Setup Hair Needles

Hair Needles

Wax Pearls

Wax Machine Starter

Hair Poles Orange

Hair Poles Blue


Permanent Poles

Protection for Glasses

Color Wraps – Gold

Color Wraps – Silver

Paper Wraps