Environmental responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility are an integral part of HH Simonsen. We feel that we have an obligation to think and act in an environmentally and socially responsible way – both in a global and a local perspective.

We make demands

When it comes to the production of our products, we only do business with companies who work hard to refine their production methods and do the least possible harm on the environment. All our partners around the world should also both respect human rights and provide acceptable working conditions for their employees.

Member of the Elretur association

Elretur is a private association established in 2005 by various industry associations for electrical and electronic equipment in Denmark in view of assuming producer responsibility for their member companies. The purpose of Elretur is to act under Danish legislation on producer responsibility by managing member companies’ interests and obligations, not least by assuming collection and reprocessing of end-of-life products. Elretur works on a non-profit basis for its members and has no financial interests in its own right. The objective of Elretur is to ensure that member companies feel the least possible burdens from the producer responsibility scheme, both in terms of costs and administration – without compromising our common environmental responsibility.

Thinking green

At HH Simonsen we are mindful of and sensitive to the environment, and thinking green has become a natural part of the way we do business. We strive to reduce the use of materials that are environmentally harmful; for instance, we now use only sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable bags for our products.

Supporting Families of Children with Cancer

In Denmark we support the organization Familier med kræftramte børn (Families of Children with Cancer), which works intensively to support the families of Danish children that are diagnosed with cancer and help them through the hard times.